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Spiced apple fragrance lofting through the air, cozy blankets, soft lighting. Fall is a time of year that plays host to some of my fondest family memories.

As the days and nights got colder, my family began to spend more time together indoors; having game night, drinking hot cocoa, and baking.


     As a decorator, fall is a great season to create a special atmosphere in your home, setting the stage for the family bonding that will take place over the holiday season. How do you achieve this cozy feel? In two easy ways: colors and textures!

     Color selection is important because of how it can affect people. If it is in the marketing of products, a website, a brochure and yes even interior spaces, choosing the correct color is key. This is where the research of color psychology has been invaluable. Color psychology is the study of how color influences people with their vibrancy, how they complement each other or how they contrast one another. During the fall season earth tones are the foundation, complemented with brick reds, oranges, greens and neutrals. These are inviting color palettes in fall because they are rustic and grounding.   

     Texture is all about the way an item feels when touched. We also can have a visual texture. When we look at something, we think of what it will feel like when we touch it. When decorating for a season I rely on visual texture to create the tone of a room, a place that reminds you of home, a place that makes you feel relaxed. Sprinkling these textures can spark your guests’ curiosity, making them want to move around your space. Rugs, blankets, flowers and curtains are background items you could bring into a room to add to the festive atmosphere. When adding seasonal texture to a room, I like using accessories that create unique combinations, for example straw and wood, wood and furs, burlap and green plants.

   Decorating can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. I can help by simply guiding you in your options, by decorating your entire home for you or anything in between. There is nothing like coming home to a space that you love. Feel free to email me at: I am looking forward to hearing about all of your decorate ideas for the upcoming seasons.

Darla Jarvis

Interior Designer


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