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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

We are seeing a shift in interior design.

Interior design has been changing.  It is not just for the rich or upper class anymore.  We are seeing a shift in interior design.  It is now becoming much more popular with middle class lifestyles.  Much of this shift is due to the Internet and the development of new, more cost effective products.  Furnishing are becoming more affordable in every area, allowing spaces to be changed easily according to a client’s needs and desires.  This is a good thing for us designers because we can easily accommodate a variety of budget levels.  It allows us to tackle common problem areas that people encounter, providing rooms that inspire them. 


There are several reasons why having a designer is a good idea.  Maybe you are not sure how to blend existing pieces together.  Perhaps you just want a new look.  Maybe you do not have the time to execute the design change you desire.  A designer can help with all these issues and more.  Hiring a designer saves you time and money.  Let’s face it, there are so many products out there on the Internet, that narrowing your choices can be an overwhelming and tedious task.  Keeping a project on budget is harder to do now more than ever.  They know where to go for all the elements needed for your home, according to your budget.  

When you hire a designer or decorator you are relying on their expertise for advice.  Having a professional who is immersed with the prices and cost of the industry can keep a project’s costs down.  This is done by advising on where it is best for a client to spend their money.  Have you ever bought a trinket on a vacation or possess a memento from a time gone by but you’re not sure how to incorporate them into your home?  Does it sometimes seem impossible to keep organized?  These are areas where professional assessment can be a lifesaver.

Having a person who is able to converse with other professionals in the building and design fields guarantees that everyone is on the same page and is following the design plan.  Providing strong communication between all the moving parts allows the project to stay on task and budget and will generate an end product that is exactly what a client wants and is expecting.  Designers have a trained eye for elements in your home.  For example, they can make sure that electricians install proper lighting in a room that is inconspicuous and enhancing and that the placement of outlets are correct according to where the furniture will be placed.  An interior designer keeps you from making costly mistakes through all stages of a project.  

Designers give a space an extra special look.  Designers give rooms a polished feel that a homeowner would not be able to achieve on their own.  I once had a carpet vendor, who was an older gentleman, tell me how he finally has his home the way he and his wife like it.  When he enters the door he is instantly hit with things that inspire him, items that he loves and that reflect him, his wife and their life together.  He stated, “There is something nourishing to the soul when you love what you see when you come home; when you love where you live.”  Today, that simple revelation can be achieved by anyone at any time and with any budget.  I can help people do just that.  Feel free to call for a consultation. 860-519-9103 or

Darla Jarvis

Interior Designer


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