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Now Homeowners and Real Estate Professionals can get expert advice remotely to prepare homes for the market!

Introducing StagingLIVE, where you use video conferencing to show us your listing so we can advise you on how to stage your home without being there. We advise, you implement, which saves you money.

Just call or email us to set an appointment with one of our stagers. When appointment time comes, click the link below to Skype with us using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. (If you have another preferred video conferencing method, let us know and well try to accommodate you.)

During the call, you walk us through the home as we discuss changes that should be made. We document our advice, which may include color recommendations, furniture rearranging, decluttering, and more. After our call, you will receive a room-by-room list of our recommendations that will help you sell your home faster and for more money.

Up to 45-minute consultation starts at $50. Paypal and Credit Cards accepted. Payment is required in advance. Packages available. This service is great for listing presentations!

Save yourself or your clients hundreds of dollars on staging by utilizing our newest service!

First, call or email us to set up an appointment:


Then, at your appointment time, click here to initiate Skype call:

StagingLIVE Consult

Or, log into your Skype account, and enter skypename "stagemyhome" into the search bar. Then select or call Elizabeth Vaca-Ranieri. This Skype account is only active during scheduled appointments. If you are experiencing difficulty, please call us at 917.685.8558.


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