Elizabeth Vaca-Ranieri is owner and operator of personalspace interiordesign. Since its inception in 2005, personalspace has applied a strategic approach to design that manages the specific needs of each client. Elizabeth is an accredited staging professional (ASP) from Staged Homes, the global standard in staging education.

We recognize that home staging requires a delicate mix of creativity and marketability, with practical results that sell homes faster and for more money. We work with the realtor, seller, and/or developer to identify and target the profile of the buyer for each specific property. We offer many levels of home staging services and will work with the client to configure a solution that gets conclusive results.

Our approach to interior design allows the client to be involved as much or as little as desired. Our shared goal is to empower the client to make choices that are pleasing to her and ultimately to add a sense of pride and ownership in the design of the home.

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personalspace is your home staging and interior design solution. we create attractive interior landscapes that accentuate your home's virtues while masking any potential obstacles. we offer insight for residential and commercial clients globally.
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